cover photo "Accordion GO EAST" by Peter M. Haas

Akkordeon Go East!
Russian, Jewish, and Roma Songs and Dances

104 pp., with CD, EUR 23.95
ISBN 978-3-89922-159-6
ISMN M-50155-111-8

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„GO WEST!“ was the motto of immigrants in the early 1900s, who fled from Eastern Europe to America in order to escape poverty, oppression, and persecution.

„GO EAST!“ is the motto of this book, for which I have collected musical treasures from various traditions of the peoples of Eastern Europe and have arranged them for the accordion.

Over 30 songs and dances from Eastern Europe – from very easy to moderately difficult. You can listen to all pieces on the CD. Additional tips show how to play best. Musical guests play and sing along on the CD. Experts in the scene give background information in three interviews.

EXTRA: Four pieces were composed as duets with accordion accompaniment, for either two accordions or one accordion and another instrument. The melody lines for a second player are of course included, both in C and in B-flat.

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