cover photo "Play Accordion, Vol. 2" by Peter M. Haas

Play Accordion, Vol. 2
The Performance and Method Book for Advanced Players.

Music from all over the world – from Klezmer & TexMex to Blues & Latin Jazz.

172 pp., with CD, 24.95 € / US $ 26,95
ISBN 978-3-89922-161-9
ISMN M-50155-113-2

This book is available in music stores as well as in the internet.
In Europe: Order directly from AMA-Verlag; in the USA: Order directly from MelBay.

The first accordion method for advanced students that doesn’t focus on „classical“ music, but presents lively World Music: musette waltzes, Eastern European sirbas, and Jewish klezmer horas, tangos, Afro-Cuban rhythms, blues, and jazz.

Your familiarity with chords on the buttons and keys is extended to the basic jazz harmonies. Your rhythm skills expand step by step to the upbeats of rock music, the basis of blues and swing feeling, and the syncopated accents of Latin music.

A series of workshop pieces with the corresponding playback recordings on CD challenge your accordion skills, help improve your timing, give you the opportunity to try out short improvisations, and prepare you for playing together with other musicians.

Jazz Chord fingering: In the Appendix you’ll find fingering charts for the basic jazz chords in the left.

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