cover photo "Play Accordion, Vol. 1" by Peter M. Haas

Play Accordion Vol.1

The new way to learn how to play the accordion
With simple pieces of Tango, Folklore, Jazz and Yiddish music

178 pp., with CD, 24.95 EUR / US $ 26,95
ISBN 978-3-89922-160-2
ISMN M-50155-112-5

This book is available in music stores as well as in the internet.
In Europe: Order directly from AMA-Verlag; in the USA: Order directly from MelBay

The first accordion method book featuring „World Music“ even for beginners. After the first exercises in C major, we proceed to minor in a jiffy. That’s the secret as to why the pieces sound so pleasing so soon. Even the very first exercises give the accordion student a well-deserved uplift.

All pieces printed in this book can be heard on the CD. You can also use the CD as a partner for the first exercises for one hand. Besides notation exercises, there are also a few ear training exercise games. Also, workshop passages reveal how chords are built up and can be used for accompaniment and small improvisations.

Those of you with previous knowledge can work through the book on your own. This volume leads you from the first exercises, patiently presented for the very beginning, up through complete mastery of the 48 bass standard bass field of smaller instruments. Also, you learn about the most important major and minor scales and chords on the keys.

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