Ear Trainer Software "Amadeus" by Peter M. Haas

Peter M. Haas
Ear Trainer Software „Amadeus“

16 Seiten Booklet plus CD
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The Software runs with Windows, Mac OS-X, Linux
(browser with flash plugin required)

Even today, playing by ear is seldom taught.
Which is a shame because playing music isn’t really complete until you can find your way around the keys by yourself.

Finding the right notes by ear isn’t really hard. Actually, everybody can do it. You just have to practice. The EarTrainer will help you: from the first little jumps on the white keys to the most intricate, cunning melodic motifs in every mode.

The EarTrainer is based on my long-term experience with ear-training games in my teaching. Now, we packed the ear-training games into a virtual keyboard, so that now everyone can hone their skills in musical listening at any time in small training games.

The software contains seven training modes, so that you can use the trainer as a serious training apparatus in order to explore any of the major or minor scales. A random sequencer ensures that your training is always varied. The game is arranged in 3 to 6 levels. Thus, beginners can patiently train their intervals over and over again, as much as they need to, while more advanced players can be prepared to deal with tricky melodies…

The demo version here on this website gives you an overview about what the trainer can do, and the possibility to test your ears right here!